Friday, July 31, 2009

First Pass Pages

Yeah, yeah, I know. I have been lazy. I got the first pass pages July 16th and spent a few days going over them. First pass pages are the typset pages the way they will look when in the book. They looked real good. There were some corrections I found that had to be made so I sent them back and they will all be taken care of. Then I will get them back for a final look before they go off to be printed and bound and made into a book. December 8th is just over 4 months away. The book, Luck of the Draw, is now available for pre-order EVERYWHERE. Go to any online bookstore and type in the title or my name. Then grab one! Every copy sold helps. I also have started my own webpage. Please go check it out. The address is Thanks for stopping in. ANT

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