Saturday, March 28, 2009

Copyedit Complete

The copyediting process is finally done and St Martins will be FedExing it out to me on Monday. Be here on Tuesday. I then have only 15 days to look it over and get it back to them. I actually will be sending it off for a pitstop to my agent, Nancy, who wants to look it over also. She will then messenger it over to St Martins. I will post what it looks like after I read it over. Also, I have just passed the 46,000 word plateau on the sequel to Luck of the Draw. It is going smoothly so far and I figure on adding another 30,000-40,000 words to the novel before I am through. Hopefully it will be as well received as it's predecessor. Now, IF I COULD JUST THINK OF A TITLE!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Contracts signed

Finally got the contracts from Nancy today. Pretty straightforward stuff. They are signed and sealed and will be in tomorrow's mail. The sequel to Luck is going well so far. Took into account the changes Nancy suggested and have implemented a few. The book is really starting to tighten up. Now, if I could only come up with a title. Any suggestions?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Good news

Just heard from Nancy Coffey herself and she said that she would LOVE to represent me and my writing. She said she thought Luck of the Draw was fantastic and what I have written so far on the sequel is excellent. Her words were very encouraging. The contracts are on their way and then we can begin what I hope will be a very long working relationship. It's also a BIG plus to know that Nancy also does movie rights. LOTW has very strong movie appeal. This all just might lead to something really, really big. ANT

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Agent Interest

I heard from Nancy Coffey of N.C. Literary & Media Representation the other day. She wants to read the manuscript for Luck of the Draw and it's untitled sequel. I mailed them off Thursday and they got there yesterday. I will hear back from her in a few days if she wants to represent. She would be a good pick up for me as she does film rights as well as books. Plus she is an editor with excellent credentials as well as a top-notch agent. Her answer, yay or nay will be here when I get it. Later, ANT